I’m super lazy when it comes to moisturizing my skin. I take care of my face and hands but that’s about it. I almost never use body moisturizer after shower. I just usually don’t even have time to wait for the creams to absorb. BUT now I have found a lotion that works great for me.



Vaseline Intensive Care is meant for dry skin and it’s deeply moisturizing without being greasy. I don’t have a super dry skin on my body but my legs can get really dry. The skin on my legs is also sensitive and thin. It doesn’t take much effort to break the skin. Just a little bit of scratching is enough. My legs start to itch a lot when they are dry and I scratch them without even really realizing I do it. All of the sudden I just feel this burning and I see the skin is broken again. My legs have scratches and scabs on them quite often. Not very pretty.

So now I have made a habit of using this lotion almost every night (I should use it every night but let’s face it, at the end of the day I’m still too lazy to do it every day). I apply this lotion while I watch TV at nights. The scent on this is mild and very pleasant so it doesn’t irritate my nose and is perfect to use at nights. It absorbs super quick and really doesn’t feel greasy at all. I use this on my legs and arms. It only takes a couple of minutes to absorb and I can lay back on the couch again without having to worry about staining the fabric on it. I don’t need to use very much of this lotion cos it’s so hydrating. If I apply too much then it leaves my skin feeling sticky.

Another plus is that this lotion is very affordable so it’s great for daily use. I saw the spray version of this on my last trip to the grocery store so I think I’m gonna buy that just to try it out.

Have you tried this lotion? Does it work for you?


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