A while ago I was sent a tube of True Organic of Sweden All You Need Is Me cream. This is a multi purpose cream that can be used for a lot of things from dry cuticles to red baby bottoms. I’ve been using and testing this for a good time now and I’m very impressed.

My hands get really dry during winter. I mean cracking and bleeding, sand paper feeling dry. This cream has kept the problems under control this whole time and I only use it once or twice a day. This is such a heavy duty cream that I usually only apply it at nights with my cuticle oils and balms. The tiniest amount is enough and at first it feels like it won’t even absorb. Just give it a moment and it all goes in and if your hands were super dry you might want to apply this for a second time. It’ll all go in to your skin again and you’ll have super soft hands. With many other hand creams the dryness and roughness of my hands comes back after I wash them once or twice. Before I’ve felt a need to apply hand cream after every time I have washed my hands. When I use All You Need Is Me I don’t need to use other hand creams many times a day. Sure I still use some cheap creams during the day if I have to wash my hands a million times which is usually the case for a mother of three little kids.



So this has pretty much become my new HG hand cream but it doesn’t stop there.

I also use this on my lips. This isn’t quite enough to keep my lips from drying up but it’s perfect to use when I put on my makeup. After I have applied foundation and powdered my face I clean my lips and add a little bit of All You Need Is Me. It absorbs while I finish my makeup and my lips will be nice and moisturized for lipstick. I use a lot of matte liquid lipsticks and I haven’t noticed this cream affecting their staying power but my lips certainly aren’t as dry as usual after I remove the matte lipstick.

I also use this on the dry spots of my face. Even though this is a pretty heavy cream it hasn’t made my skin break out.

I had a rash on my chest area. Dermatologist suspected it’s connected to the acne rosacea type 1 that I have on my face but I feel like it’s something else. I think it’s eczema of some kind and I have been using this cream on my decollete area too. I wash my chest every morning and night and apply a very tiny amount of this cream on the rash area twice a day. There’s still some redness left but the nasty rash is mostly gone. I’m so, so happy about this. The rash was really bothering me cos it was so visible and also sore feeling. Washing in a shower felt like a cheese grater instead of a soft sponge. The skin seems to be healed and it’s not sore at all anymore. I think the twice a day washing helps a lot but this creams also keeps the area moisturized throughout the day.



In manufacturers website All You Need Is Me is said to be 95% certified organic ingredients and 100% natural ingredients. It doesn’t have parabens, mineral oils, sulfates or dyes. It is not tested on animals and the tube itself is made of sugarcane, not plastic.

I have a few more uses I’m going to test this cream for and I will let you know the results later. All in all I love this cream. I have almost used this whole tube and I will be buying more before I run out. Click here to see if All You Need Is Me is available in your area.


***All You Need Is Me was sent for review. No affiliate links.