Happy Saturday lovelies! Instead of nail polish I have Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab cuticle oil to talk about today. This is not your typical cuticle oil. Cuticle Rehab comes in a tube with a brush and has gel like formula. I have been testing this for a while now and I absolutely love it!

This is perfect for daily use to keep your cuticles pretty all day long. Small tube is easy to carry in your purse/makeup pouch. With the gel formula and the tightly closing cap there’s pretty much no risk of this leaking into your purse ruining everything in it. There’s no knocking the bottle over and having oil go all over your desk or clothes. Very easy and safe to use when ever your cuticles need a little love and care to look beautiful and well moisturized.

Application process is quick, easy and mess free. Just squeeze the tube lightly to get some gel in to the brush and then apply it to your cuticles, rub the product in and you’re good to go. This moisturizes your cuticles instantly but doesn’t leave them sticky or oily. Even if you massage the product into your nails and cuticles it doesn’t leave your fingers oily either. The scent is just lovely too, fresh and “green”, not too overpowering.

I use this at least couple of times during the day or when ever needed. I still use thick cuticle cream at nights but this has been a perfect addition to my cuticle care needs. I have young kids and I’m constantly washing my hands. I hate it when my cuticles look dry by noon and this product offers a significant help keeping my hands pretty. I can just apply it and move on! No need to wait for it to dry or wipe excess oil off my fingers.

If you have dry cuticles problem and you find oils too messy to use during the day I highly recommend you give this product a try. I know I love it!




***Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab was sent for review.