Here’s part two of my three part post for how I try and keep my hands soft and smooth for these cold winter months. You can read the Part 1 here.

Last time I talked about hand soaps and scrubs. So now that the hands are washed and exfoliated it’s time to talk about cuticle care. Main thing for me is to always keep my cuticles well moisturized and pushing them back regularly. If I don’t push my cuticles back they tend to get stuck on the nail bed and tear. That’s painful and horrible looking on swatch photos. I usually just use my nails to gently push the cuticles back while in the shower or after using the scrub when the skin is soaked a little. I never push back dry cuticles cos that is just painful. If I’ve been lazy taking care of my cuticles I sometimes use products like OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment or CND Cuticle Eraser before I push them back.

I have a thin UV-gel layover protecting my own nails and help them grow to the length I like to keep them at. So I need to fix that layover regularly. When I do that I pay more attention to pushing my cuticles back and for that I use a metallic cuticle pusher. If you use this you have to be GENTLE or you’ll do more damage than good. In my opinion this is an unnecessary tool if you’re not going to apply gel or acrylic on your nails.



For moisturizing my cuticles I mostly use Lush Lemony Flutter nowadays. I also like Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle cream a lot. Both work wonders for my cuticles. Sometimes I also use cuticle oils like CND Solar Oil. I also apply the oils under my nails to moisturize the nail tips under the gel layover.

Like my hands, my cuticles also dry very easily. These are the products I use to keep them in a good condition. On the winter months I need to use more of these products and the daily use is very very important. On the third and final part of my skincare posts I will be talking about lotions and more about my skincare routines.




***All products mentioned on this blog post were purchased by me.