Finland has been getting some heat and sunshine unusually early this year so it’s time to dig out the flip flops, sandals, peep-toe heals and other gorgeous shoes from the winter storage. Removing the warm socks might also reveal the winter feet that aren’t perfectly pedicured and let’s face it, your legs might not be silky smooth either. So this is the perfect time to get your feet and legs ready for summer.

I’m more of a DIY person so I’ve always taken care of everything myself and this was my first time in a real pedicure and sugaring my legs. I was offered an opportunity to work with a local beauty salon Mare Bella and to go in for a pedicure and leg sugaring. I was familiar with this salon cos I also go there for the IBX treatmens for my nails so I felt good about going in and getting this done.

They started with the sugaring of the leg hair. For this I grew my hair for about a month so there would actually be something to remove. My body hair is light , thin and doesn’t grow super fast. So I wasn’t as much worried about the possible pain than I was about the hair just breaking instead of coming off. That is what usually happens if I use an epilator. That’s why I normally just shave my legs.



I didn’t feel much pain at all. The ankle area was a little more sensitive but that was about it. But as said the hair on my legs is sparse and not very thick so that’s probably why this wasn’t painful at all for me. After all the hair was removed, skin on my legs was disinfected and a soothing lotion was applied. Normally the leg sugaring goes over your knees too but the beautician left my right knee alone cos of very fresh scars from falling pretty badly earlier this year.

On the first photo below you see about month worth hair growth. The old scars on my left knee weren’t a problem at all. The right knee isn’t quite that pretty ;) On the second photo you can clearly see even the tiniest/finest hair is gone and the skin is silky smooth.



The whole thing was over pretty fast and I didn’t feel or see any irritation on my skin.

After the sugaring it’s important to remember to exfoliate and moisturize your skin regularly to avoid getting ingrown hair. No exfoliating on the same or the next day after the sugaring though. I actually got written instructions to take home with me which is always nice.



I didn’t experience any skin irritation later on either and I also didn’t have any ingrown hair. There wasn’t any random hair growing in soon after so I assume there was no broken hair and sugaring was effective enough method to remove all my leg hair.

I hate body hair with a passion and I love the feeling of silky smooth legs. At some point I’m planning on going to the sugaring regularly to see if it actually slows down hair growth and makes the hair grow even thinner.

Here’s my legs about two weeks after. Still hair free and silky smooth.



After the sugaring we moved on to the pedicure. I had been a little lazy when it comes to moisturizing my feet so my heels were a bit dry. No calluses really though. The whole treatment was very pleasant. Nothing felt painful or uncomfortable. The beautician took care of the cuticles too and painted my nails with a lovely bright red creme polish (that I got to take home with me too). At last she applied lotion and gave me a very relaxing foot massage.



Before and after photo of my heel also shows a nice difference.



The whole session was such a nice and relaxing moment on stay-at-home-mom’s day. It was much needed me-time and on top of it all I got smooth legs and pretty feet for summer.




Thank you Maarit from Mare Bella!



***I received these treatments free of charge