I just had to test my new Wet n Wild polish right away. Rockin In Rubies is bright red polish with red and gold shimmer. Though you can only see the gold shimmer in the bottle, on the nails it’s all looking red. This one is really flaming red and quite beautiful.

Rockin In Rubies is pretty thin and runs on your cuticles pretty easy. After two coats I still had visible nail line so I could’ve actually used three. Still this is pretty well pigmented for a cheap polish. It also took quite a while to dry. Anyways, I can forgive all of this cos it’s such a pretty shade ;) Now I’m just hoping it’ll stay on a few days without chipping.

In this mani I used: OPI NNS x2, Rocking In Rubies x2 and Poshe to dry it all.

Yesterday when I removed my last mani I noticed all the nails on my right hand have started peeling. After cursing and swearing for a while I realised why this is happening. At work while doing gel and acrylic nails I use this disinfecting cleaner and that must be drying up my nails. So I guess I should finally get them damn gloves and start wearing them too or I can kiss goodbye to my wishes of having long and healthy nails. I hope the peeling will calm down instead of turning into a nail breakage festival.