Is it spring yet!? This Wet n Wild Megalast Heatwave, a delicious and lovely coral red creme polish made me feel like spring is right around the corner. I bought this from a local store when I went hunting for cheap nail polish on sale and decided to get one of these WnW bottles too just to try it out. There were other pretty pastel shades too and I was so pleased with this one that I just might have to go pick up another bottle (or two) later on.

When I opened the bottle naturally the first thing I noticed was a very large brush. I think my exact words were “Oh! Holy crap, look at this!” as I turned to show my finding to my husband. Of course he had no idea what I was so amazed by so he just rolled his eyes at my craziness. It took a little bit of getting used to but the brush was actually pretty easy to use and polish applied nicely with it.

Heatwave was very well pigmented, even so well that I wonder if it would work for stamping. Two coats was more than enough for opaque result and dry time was short with Inm Super Fast Dry Top Coat. The color range is, I’d like to say safe, on these Megalast polishes but there was a few really pretty pastels too.

You own any Wet n Wild Megalast polishes and if so what do you think of them?


Wet n Wild Megalast brush with OPI brush