End of the year was so busy for me that I didn’t get to even do my nails. I was running around with nekkid nails most of the December. I also fixed the gel layover on my left hand nails twice and never had time to do the right hand. Pathetic! Right before New Year’s Eve I decided that enough is enough and I refuse to welcome the new year with horrible nails. So I finally managed to reshape my nails and fill in the UV-gel layover. I painted them just couple of hours before midnight. So obviously I stayed at home and took it easy New Year’s Eve :P

I didn’t have time to do any nail art so I went for a fierce vampy look. At least my nails were done and ready to go for 2016!

For these nails I used Essence I Heart Trends 12 Berry-tale (from Essence 2015 Advent calendar), a dark purple polish with pink shimmer. This is a deep, dark purple but not so dark it looks black. It also has nice amount of glow and depth though the pink shimmer and depth can only be seen under brighter lights. Application was easy, two coats for opaque result and it dried fast with HK Girl top coat.


***This polish was part of Essence 2015 Advent calendar purchased by me.