Today I have two polishes and a holo top coat from Glitter Gal Australia.

Let’s start with She’s Cactus, a creme polish from Celebrate Sydney Style collection. This is two coats with Glitter Gal Gloss Boss top coat. Application was a little uneven on the first coat but the second one smooth it out nicely. Even after the second coat the result wasn’t perfect at first but the polish seemed to smooth itself out while I was cleaning the cuticles and Gloss Boss top coat made the finish look perfect. This dries a little bit brighter than it looks in the bottle and adding top coat brings out a hint of yellow on the color. I also tested this with HK Girl and it dried exactly the same way, more yellow than it looks in the bottle. I really like this bright color and it’s absolutely perfect for spring and summer!



Today I also have a gorgeous holo polish for you, Lizard Belly. This is very deep, dark green linear holo polish. I applied three coats, for shorter nails two will be enough. Application was very good and even. Unfortunately the sun wasn’t out when I was swatching this so all I have is photos taken with daylight bulbs. This was stunning and somewhat dramatic looking on my long nails. Love it!


Last but not least there’s Galaxy Holo top coat “an intense multi-coloured sparkle with a holographic prism when viewed under light.  An absolutely beautiful twinkle”.

This top coat can be used over any color and finish you want to. Naturally it’s gorgeous over creme polishes but I also wanted to try how it looks layered on a holo polish. So I decided to add a coat of Galaxy Holo top coat on Lizard Belly. The result was super-sparkly and very pretty. The photos don’t do justice to the sparkle of this combination at all and I should have taken a video to show it better.

Application was nice and even and it dried very smooth and shiny.


“All Glitter Gal Australia’s polishes are 5 free and do not contain Formaldehyde, DPB, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor”

Glitter Gal Australia polishes and more info is available at their website. You can also find Glitter Gal from FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



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