I recently did some Essence shopping. I was surprised to see the Juice It! Trend Edition in the store because I thought it came out last year. Did I miss something? Did they re-release it? So I got some products from that collection and two Matt Matt Matt lip products plus a lipliner pencil.

I love just Essence! Many of their products are so good and so affordable.


Essence Juice it! and Essence Matt Matt Matt


From the Juice It! Trend Edition I bought two jelly polishes, 02 You’re One In a Melon and 03 Orange Is the New Black.

Both polishes were really easy to apply. They are sheer but that is the way they are supposed to be. Three coats of each was enough for my nails and the visible nail line wasn’t too visible. For longer nails I’d do some stamping or maybe white dots in a pond manicure style to cover the nail line. These would be perfect for layering like that. Dry time was average for both of them.

For these manicures I used: 1 coat of Essie First Base, 3 coats of polish and a coat of HK Girl top coat.


Essence Juice It! You're One In a Melon nail polish

Essence Juice It! Orange Is the New Black nail polish


I love these two! So glossy and juicy! Just perfect colors for spring.

From the same Trend Edition I also got a Ball Blush in 01 You’re One In a Melon.

For me this is more orange/peachy toned than melon shade. Melon would be more of a pink shade which this isn’t. That’s fine with me though since I was searching for more of a peachy blush anyways. Texture on this is silky smooth and not powdery at all. It’s pretty well pigmented too when applied straight for the package. I haven’t tried brush application yet.


Essence Juice It! You're One In a Melon Ball Blush

Essence Juice It! You're One In a Melon Ball Blush swatch


This is a really fresh and lovely shade for my warm toned skin.

Then on to the lip products.

Lately I’ve been buying a lot of dark, bold, bright colors so this time I felt like going for something else. I chose a lipstick and a lip gloss from their Matt Matt Matt line.


Essence Matt Matt Matt lipstick and lip gloss. Essence Lipliner


First, lets talk about the Matt Matt Matt Lip Gloss in 03 Girl of Today.

A matte lip gloss is a really interesting idea. Isn’t the whole point of a lip gloss to be glossy? I really didn’t think this would be a well working product at all and just had to get it out of curiosity. Well, it works! Not really as a shiny gloss cos, hello, matte finish. But it does work like a lip gloss otherwise. It’s super easy to apply, doesn’t dry down and doesn’t dry my lips, at all. I wore this for a whole day and felt no dryness on my lips while wearing this.

Texture is very mousse like and it’s so easy to apply a smooth, thin layer. It’s pigmented enough that it’ll give you enough color with an quick and easy application. Like a gloss this doesn’t dry down and like a gloss this doesn’t really have any staying power. So you drink or eat and it’s gone. It wears off so nicely though that your lips still look good and not like a hot mess. It’s also very easy to reapply and you’re good to go again. I reapplied this several times during the day and at no point did it start looking dry, crusty or messy.

This has more of a satin finish on the lips than matte. There’s a noticeable scent of what to me smells like a caramel flavored coffee. It also has a bit of a taste. It tastes like licking your lips after eating a vanilla cookie. Not too strong and not too sweet but it’s there. What I love about this is how it’s not sticky at all. It feels like you have nothing on your lips.

So if you don’t like drying, heavier lip products this might be a perfect thing for you. It feels so nice on my lips that I don’t even care about the non-existent staying power. Bottom line is, this is called a lip gloss, it’s not supposed to last all day long or even through a meal. I will use this and might get another shade or two more. This is one of the most comfortable feeling lip products I have ever tried.


Essence Matt Matt Matt Lip gloss 03 Girl of Today, Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick 03 Wow Effect, Essence Lipliner 07 Cute Pink


Other lip products I got are Matt Matt Matt lipstick in 03 Wow Effect and Lipliner in 07 Cute Pink.

This lipliner is a very good match for both the lipgloss and the lipstick. I like Essence lipliners. They are very good for the ridiculously cheap price. Easy to apply and have a good staying power.

The Matt Matt Matt lipstick 03 is a perfect my-lips-but-better color for me. Looks very natural and a thin layer on my lips doesn’t look much darker than my own lip color. I have very thin lips and this color makes them look much more visible and yet almost like I’m not wearing any lip product at all. I need backups of this!

The texture is more creamy than dry matte. This applies quite thin and doesn’t feel drying at all. This kind of melts into your lips to a semi-matte finish. After a while you can hardly feel you’re wearing lipstick at all. Staying power isn’t best possible but since this applies thin you can reapply without problems.

There is no taste and just a subtle fruity scent on this.

This is a great every day matte lipstick that doesn’t dry your lips and isn’t super matte. This also made me want to go back to the store and buy all the available colors :D


I’m very happy with the products I bought this time and I spent way less than $20 on these.

What do you think of Essence products? Have you tried them?