Here’s some Dollish Polish swatches that I’ve been sitting on for a while now. I absolutely love Dollish Polish polishes and lately I’ve been making my collection bigger a couple of polishes at a time :)




“This is a milky white crelly polish with a hint of Mint Green, has iridescent flakies and varying size Teal Green holographic glitters for a magically enchanting manicure worthy of Hogwarts!”
This polish is like a breath of fresh air! I love the simple color combination and quality on this. Application was smooth and easy. No need to fish or place the glitters. This is two normal coats and HK Girl top coat.
“Inspired by the Cartoon Network’s Chowder, this neon purple jelly has tons of glitters, ranging from hexagons, squares, and circles, all in varying shades of periwinkle, purples, pinks, magenta, and blue/green iridescent glitters.”
This awesome jelly is so juicy and squishy! Such a vibrant purple glitter bomb, a jelly polish at it’s most perfect form! The formula is quite sheer so if you’re not a fan of multiple coats of jelly goodness like I am I suggest you layer this on top of a creme polish. The application is flawless and you can apply this so thin that four coats seen on the photos really weren’t a problem at all. Just created amazing depth and squishy-ness (yes, that must be a real word :P). This is four very thin coats and HK Girl top coat. (This was a hard one to photograph accurately so I did adjust the colors on the photos to make the polish look more like it does in real life).
“A pale pink crelly, jammed with tiny white squares, white stars, and a mix of neon pink, green, purple and orange hexagons and squares.”
This one has such a delicious color combination, perfect for summer! One of those cheerful fun polishes that put you in a good mood :) Application was good and this was easy to apply thinly so you can layer it for a nice sandwich effect. I suggest you turn the bottle upside down before application to help get the stars out of the bottle. This is three thin coats and HK Girl top coat.

***These were sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.