Today I have another two Sally Hansen polishes to show you. These are white 830 Eyelet and black 840 Ruffle from the Luxe Lace Spring 2015 collection.

Both of these are one color matte hex glitter in different sizes on a clear base. Formula was good and easy to apply. There was no need to fish for the glitter and two coats gave enough coverage. I wanted to play along with the lace theme and used a nude base for these but of course you can layer these with any color you want.



These are simple and very usable glitters. I love the fact that they are matte and just one color and shape. I have quite a few black & white glitters but none in just black or white that are this basic and trust me, sometimes basic is good. If you want to add something more you can always use another glitter together with these or apply these over a gradient base. You can also apply a coat of each if you don’t have and b&w glitter. There’s a lot of different ways to use these!

Both of the polishes have a coat of Essie Beam Up and a coat of Essie Sugar Daddy as a base. Then two coats of glitter and a coat of HK Girl.

With the black Ruffle I also added a coat of OPI In True Stefani Fashion before the black glitter to show how it works with a little added sparkle.


***These polishes were sent for review.