This polish is one of my absolute favorites. piCture pOlish Mad Magenta is a very vivid magenta creme that really gets peoples attention. I’ve got more compliments for this simple manicure IRL than anything else for quite a while.

Mad Magenta applies perfectly and for me it was opaque with two coats. Dry time was super quick too. This also doesn’t stain my nails (natural nail or gel). Due to being almost a neon shade this dries semi-matte so you’ll need to add a shiny top coat but who would leave a top coat off anyways, right?

I considered doing some holo stamping over this but then I decided to just leave it be. Why mess with perfection? This is somewhat more vibrant in real life and this was very hard to capture on a photo. I adjusted the colors a little when editing the photos but it’s still not as gorgeous looking as it really is live.

I have to say Picture Polish never lets you down :)

On the photos I have two coats of Mad Magenta and HK Girl top coat on my nails.




***This was purchased by me.