First of all I’m very sorry about the blog silence for the past couple of weeks. Life’s been a bit busy for me lately but I’m back now. I have a few new nail polish bottles too but I haven’t had time to swatch them or not to mention photographing. Luckily I have a few more pics that I haven’t shown you yet. I also still have long nails on those pics. At the moment my nails are actually quite short and they started peeling after breaking off. Peeling seems to have calmed down a bit so maybe I can start growing them longer again very soon.

And then to the point, which is a perfect yellow creme polish, OPI The “IT” Color. This somewhat dirty yellow shade is a perfect accessory and you can wear it around the year if you feel the color suits you. This polish is not too bright or “in your face” shade, instead it’s just perfect and unique. I saw a photo of this polish on The Polish Addict‘s blog and I just had to have it for myself too.

The “IT” Color’s application is not the easiest possible and it requires three coats for an opaque result. It dried quite fast with Poshe. In this mani I used: Nail Tek II x2, The “IT” Color x3 and Poshe on the top.