I was so excited when I first saw the news about Gwen doing a collection with OPI. I’m a huge Gwen fan and this collection just makes me so happy :) I think this ended up looking a lot like Gwen. It’s a solid and stylish collection. All the polishes go together really well and there’s a countless amount of combinations for nail art designs. Just Perfect!


 All these polishes applied perfectly and were opaque in two coats. All of the cremes and In True Stefani Fashion have a top coat on them.
 HEY BABY is a gorgeous bright pink with a hint of raspberry in it. It’s fresh and not too in your face color. Perfect for summer!
I SING IN COLOR is a very deep dark red polish with some chocolate shade in it. You can see the wine-ish red much better with just one coat but this requires two to be completely opaque. I have quite a few vampy shades in my collection but not one just like this. Very pretty!




OVER & OVER A-GWEN is a classic bright red. As many others have said Gwen collection has to have a bright red polish in it. This beauty comes in it’s own collectors box with some Swarovski studs and crystals, a nail glue plus instructions and tips for some nail art using the polishes on this collection.
I love red nails! I have a lot of red nail polish and this one is now the queen of those reds!
IN TRUE STEFANI FASHION has square and hex silver and holographic glitter on a clear base. This one is quite packed with glitter so only one coat is enough if you want the base to show through. On the photo I have one coat over I Sing In Color. Very pretty and sparkly!
4 IN THE MORNING is a black satin matte with subtle silver shimmer. I love the velvet-y look this has but if it isn’t for you no one is telling you not to add the top coat for shine.
LOVE.ANGEL.MUSIC.BABY. is a gold satin matte. I really like this one! The gold tone in this one is also so neutral that it’ll go well with a lot of different skin tones. Very beautiful!!
 PUSH AND SHOVE is a gorgeous silver chrome polish. Very shiny, almost mirror like finish. This one will only work with the Lay Down That Base base coat that comes in the package. Apply the base coat on clean nails and let dry for two mins. When applying Push And Shove you need to be quick and careful. Don’t go over the same spot twice since that might cause balding and dragging of the polish. Let the first coat dry well before applying the second. Don’t pay too much attention on the visible brush strokes or try to fix them by going over them again. Most of them will disappear on their own when the polish dries. You are not supposed to use a top coat with this polish.

In real life this looks awesome! So shiny! It worked great with my nails and UV-gel layover I have on them. On natural nails the shiny finish will make the tiniest flaws on your nails very visible so you might want to buff them a bit before using this polish. OPI says this is only meant for one night use.

I also have to mention that over the UV-gel this also worked without the basecoat. I didn’t see a noticeable difference between the nails with the base coat compared to the ones without. It also stayed looking perfect for the 24 hours that I tested it.


So how do you feel about this collection? Have you bought any of these polishes yet?



***This collection was sent for review.