OPI nail polish for a change ;)

As the photo shows you my nails are still short :( We’ve had pretty cold weather for a while now and I guess that has caused my nails to peel and break easily. I’ve been trying to use a lot of moisturizers and oils but those don’t seem to be making a very big difference.

Don’t Toy With Me! is a magenta micro-glitter polish from the Holiday In Toyland collection. This shade is really gorgeous and I think the micro-glitter has a bit pink-ish tone to it. This one is definately not only for Holiday season!

DTWM! was quite thin in the bottle and applied really well. Since I have short nails two coats was enough. If you have longer nails you might need three coats for fully opaque result. In this mani I used: Nail Tek II x1, Don’t Toy With Me! x2 and Seche Vite on top.