Hello everyone!! I want to celebrate New Year’s Eve by showing you some nail polish swatches of my favorite indie brand, Jindie Nails. These are all older polishes and I believe most, if not all are still available.

Application and formula on all of these was good. Swatching these reminded me once again why I love Jindies so much. All of these are different and still there is this Jindie look and feeling to them :) Jindie Nails polishes are available at jindienails.com and international customers can find the stockists by clicking here.

Usual indie glitter application instructions apply.

– Make sure polish is well mixed before the application
– To help getting the bigger glitter pieces out of the bottle it’s recommended to turn the bottle upside down for a bit
– Let each coat dry for a bit before applying the next to avoid dragging the bigger glitter pieces from the previous coat.
– You can use a dotting tool or an orangewood stick to place/separate the glitter if necessary.
– You might want to use a product like Glitter Food or two coats of top coat for a smoother result.

And remember that the application on these glitter bomb indies is not always as easy as your regular nail polish. To get smooth and beautiful result might sometimes take some practice. I know I didn’t always get it right for the first times I tried applying chunky glitter bombs :)

Top coat on all these manicures is of course HK Girl. So here we go!


Candy Land Remix (three coats and two coats of top coat)
Zomboy (two coats and  top coat)
Swoon (three thin coats and top coat)
Pretty Penny (three coats, no undies and top coat)
Moon Walk LE (two coats and two coats of top coat)
Live Out Loud (three coats and top coat)
Water 4 Elephants (two coats with two coats of top coat)
Femme Fire (two coats with two coats of top coat)
I have now swatched all but one Jindie Nails polishes I own. I love all my Jindies and can’t wait to see what Jen has up her sleeve for 2014!
***Zomboy and Candy Land Remix were sent for review. Femme Fire and Water 4 Elephants were gifted to me. Live Out Loud, Pretty Penny, Swoon and Moon Walk LE were purchased by me. HK Girl top coat was gifted to me.