I saw the new Mavala Fall 2009 collection Happy Colours in a store and decided to buy two shades to test them out. I ended up getting Glitter Purple and Glitter blue. The entire collection has six glitter polishes. Cos I’m still traumatized from removing a glitter mani last night I didn’t want to test these on my nails quite yet ;)

Both of the polishes have a clear base with colored glitter. The clear base polish made me think they might not be very opaque. These might be better for layering instead of being worn alone. I’m also thinking about pimping them a little bit. Maybe adding more glitter and/or colored polish.

In the bottle these shades look bright and beautiful but a quick test on a piece of plastic tape reveals the truth. Regardless of the beautiful colors these have very little coverage. I applied quite a lot of polish on the tape and you won’t have that much glitter on your nails with just one coat. Though I think these will spark up your manicure nicely when you layer them with the right kind of polish.