There’s still snow on the ground and winter hasn’t really even arrived at full force yet here in Finland. So what would be a better time to look forward to the warmer weather and let those spring collections roll out. Here’s what Mavala came up with for Spring 2015.

Matte polishes are making a big comeback and Mavala is on board with that. This collection has six beautiful and smooth matte shades that are perfect for spring. I did a quick test on a couple of nails and my first impression was that these are a little tricky to apply and they dry fast. I got the best result with one thick coat applied fast (except for Lavender which requires two coats). These bald easily so you don’t want to go over the same spot too many times. You can always use a matte top coat too to smooth out a surface or a shiny one if you don’t love the matte finish. Some of these are so well pigmented that I’m also going to try stamping with them.

All in all I love these soft shades and I already have a few nail art designs in mind.


***This collection was sent for review.