Here’s yet another discount basket find from a local store. This time it’s Models Own Naked Shimmer. As the name hints, this a nude polish with gold shimmer. Unfortunately shimmer isn’t as visible on the nail as it is in the bottle but you can still see it. This neutral toned flesh-y nude is probably suitable for many different skintones. I quite liked this myself, shade is pretty chic and sophisticated!

The formula was a bit on the thick side and this might benefit from a drop or two of polish thinner. In this mani I used two coats of polish but the result could’ve been even better with three thin coats. The smell on this was also quite strong but all five of my new Models Own bottles smell the same so I guess that is normal.

In all this was quite positive first experience with Models Own nail polish and didn’t make me regret the four other shades I bought along with this one ;)