Here’s my review of Misa Shields Up multichrome polish that I promised for today. This is a beautiful lilac polish that has green and grey tones to it plus some silver micro-glitter. Very discreet shade that has just the thing to make it something that people will notice. I was a little afraid the shade would be too cold for my warm toned skin but luckily I was wrong and it looks beautiful on me.

Shields Up is pretty sheer and applies nicely. It would require at least three coats but I only did two since I read Scrangie‘s review about these polishes and found out that they might bubble and the drying time is a bit on the long side. First I applied two coats of Poshe base coat and let dry very well. Then I applied one thin coat of Shields Up. I waited about 10 minutes before applying the second coat. Once again I used Seche Vite as top coat.

Even though I tried to be careful with the application the polish still bubbled a little bit. Also the dry time was long. I still managed to get the mani all dried up without denting it once and Seche Vite made some of the bubbles disappear. IRL you can’t really see the bubbles unless you look really closely but they are pretty obvious on the photo. Anyways, this is such a nice polish that it’s worth a little trouble.

This one was really hard to photograph so that the true beauty of it would be captured. On the first photo you can see the light lilac which is the main color of this polish. On the second photo you see how it looks green depending on the light and angle the light hits your nails. On a certain light it can also look silver grey.

In this mani I used: Poshe base coat x2, Shields Up x2 and Seche Vite on top.