I bought my first polish from the new L’oréal Resist & Shine Titanium Blackgloss collection, shade 732 Black Violet. This is a very dark violet and in some lights it just looks black. In a little bit brighter light you can see the violet shade clearly though. Polish also has fine shimmer in it but you can’t really see it on the nails under a normal light. This is a very beautiful polish and I have already today gotten compliments on how pretty my nails look ;)

Black Violet is quite thick in the bottle but not impossible to apply. You shouldn’t even try to apply two coats of this cos it’s just too thick on the first coat. In this case thickness doesn’t really matter though cos this polish is so highly pigmented that you’ll have an opaque result with just one coat. Regardless of a thick layer of polish it dried very fast with Poshe.

I’m actually a bit surprised on the quality of this polish. Just one coat and a very intense and opaque result. I think I’m gonna at least get the blue and turquoise shades from this collection too. These are on stores for limited time only so go get yours while you can.

In this mani I used: OPI NNS x1, Black Violet x1 and Poshe on top. Pics taken under a very bright artificial light.