I will write this one in English also cos I know many of you come here to see pictures of this Magnetic nail polish. This is the same Magnetic Silver shade as in my older post. When I posted that I promised to take better pics later on and here goes.


In this manicure I used two coats of Magnetic Silver on top of the base coat (I used two coats of Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy as a base coat). I applied one very thin coat of the magnetic polish and let it dry completely. After that I applied the second coat one nail at a time and used the magnet to form the star. This is very easy to do and doesn’t take much time. After I got the second coat and the star on every nail done, I applied Seche Vite to dry the manicure. Even with Seche Vite this polish takes a while to dry.

So in this manicure I used: Nail Tek II x2, Magnetic Silver x2 and Seche Vite. Unfortunately Seche Vite is so shiny that it made the stars hard to photograph.


Color of this polish is very beautiful even without the stars and I wanted to photograph that for you too. I did this on top of manicure on the first pic so I just applied one layer of polish to cover the stars and used the magnet to get a new and fresh looking star on my ring finger. Personally I like this style more. It shows the beautiful shade better and looks more pleasing to my eye.

Which style do you prefer?