Today I have a bit different Jindie Nails polish for you called Silent Night. So yes, Jindie Nails doesn’t only make those light colored crelly based glitterbombs we all love so much. There are also other creations like this stunning deep blue jelly polish with different shapes of glitter including stars and crecent moons. This polish has such amazing depth and I had a hard time trying to capture the true beauty of it on the photos. Yet another gorgeous polish that is totally unique in my collection.

Formula is good quality and dries fast. Due to the bigger glitter pieces on this polish, application can be a little trickier than usual, but not too difficult. Before you start, I again suggest you turn the bottle upside down for a bit and mix the polish lightly. That way the glitter comes out of the bottle easier. Applying these indieglitterbombs can sometimes take a little more patience and you have to be more careful than with your average shimmer or creme polish. Though I don’t think applying indies is too hard at all and the end result is definitely worth it.

Silent Night is a jelly so you have to build it opaque. I started with one normal thickness coat and I didn’t really try to get much glitter on the first coat. For the second coat I took a fair amount of polish for each nail and really went for the glitter too. I tend to tip the bottle a little and take a good amount of polish on to the brush. That way I usually get enough glitter too. I sometimes separate and place the bigger glitter if needed with the second coat. Third coat is to make it all even and smooth looking. I allow each coat to dry for a bit to avoid dragging the bigger glitters out of place while applying the next layer. You should always use a light hand while applying these glitter polishes and not press the brush against your nail too heavily.

On the photos I have three coats of Silent Night, a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and Inm Super Fast Drying top coat. This polish is from 2012 Santa Claws collection and it has this certain peaceful Christmas night magic to it. When the light hits your nails just right this holographic glitter shines in the middle of the deep blue jelly base like a starry night. What can I say? Stunning, beautiful, breathtakingly gorgeous!

You can purchase Jindie Nails polishes from their Etsy-store (closed at the moment) as well as LlaroweMei Mei’s Signatures and Ninja Polish. You can find the latest restock and other info from their Facebook page. Jindie Nails is opening their new online store in a near future. You can also follow Jindie Nails on Twitter and Instagram. You should also keep your eyes open for their new Spring collection!!!


Jindie Nails Silent Night with daylight bulbs.
Jindie Nails Silent Night in sunlight.
Jindie Nails Silent Night in sunlight.



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