Wow! It’s Monday again! Time goes so fast I feel like it’s Monday every other day instead of once a week. For me it’s not that bad though cos I’m staying at home with my two little girls so it’s like any other day for me really. Ok, enough with the babble and on to today’s polish which is the last of the three new Jindie Nails polishes I have to show you, Princess Breath. Ladies and possibly a few gentlemen, this is a stunner! So much shiny glitter on this one, it just sparkles on your nails. So beautiful! Another “I need a full size bottle” shade for me.

Princess Breath is a pale mint-y green crelly that applies very nice and smooth, no need to fish for the glitter either. I did turn the bottle upside down for a bit before application though. Two coats is enough for an opaque result but I added a thin third coat to get the shiny glitter to show. I press down with the brush just hard enough to wipe the polish off of those glitter pieces so you can really see them shine. To be able to do that you have to let the first two coats dry for a bit or the bigger glitter on the second coat starts dragging when you press the brush down harder. I really love this polish! This is the kind of a shade that can cause you to crash into things while staring at your nails and not looking where you going ;)

On the photo there is three coats of Princess Breath, a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and Poshe fast drying top coat. Photos are taken with daylight bulbs since the sun decided not to show up at all while I was wearing this.

You can purchase Jindie Nails polishes from their webstore that opens before next restock. You can also buy them from the Etsy-store (closed at the moment) as well as LlaroweMei Mei’s Signatures and Ninja Polish. You can find the latest restock and other info from their Facebook page. You can also follow Jindie Nails on Twitter and Instagram. Jen has already given us a little taste of the upcoming spring collection on Jindie Nails FB and Instagram pages.


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