Yay! Regardless of the sleepy time madness that I mention on my last post I managed to write a second review of the day :D

This is a brand new Jindie Nails shade, Monster’s Ink. It’s so new it has only been available for pre-order for now. Jindie restock is coming up soon though so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Here’s how it’s described on Jindie Nails website “It has a bright yellow/green base similar to the color of Mike from Monsters Inc.:).  It has several fun glitters in it including matte light purple dots, matte dark purple diamonds, metallic violet medium dots, lilac holo large & medium dots, teal large dots, teal hex, squares and dots, light green metallic dots, magenta large & small squares, silver dots, mauve small squares, pastel pink matte dots, white dots and diamonds, lime green holo dots and hex, matte kelly green dots and diamonds and satin matte teal hex, micro slices and just a few satin matte teal stars”.

The formula was great and application was nice and smooth. There was no need for fishing or placing the glitters. The result was so smooth that I thought about not using Glitter Food at all. The base color is quite interesting too. It’s a very yellow-ish green, almost radioactive looking. This looks like it could glow in the dark, but it doesn’t, I checked  LOLVery unique and fun looking polish! I just love Jindie Nails ♥
This will be available soon at jindienails.com! Follow the news on FB and Jindie Nails blog.

Jindie Nails polishes are available at www.jindienails.com. International customers can also click here to find a distributor that works the best for you. Jindie Nails can be found from FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Please go follow for latest news and swatches of awesome upcoming new shades!



***Monster’s Ink was sent for review, all other products used on this manicure were purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking  the links on this post.