I got an opportunity to try some new fall shades from IsaDora Color Crush polishes. This is 102 Metal Crush, amazing grey-ish lilac texture polish with some silver glitter. I TOTALLY love this color! It’s oh so pretty and sparkly!

On this manicure I used two coats of Metal Crush. The application was just perfection. I didn’t even have to do a cleanup with a brush and acetone like I usually do. Though you might want to avoid a cleanup with a polish like this anyways or you could end up with shimmer up to your elbows ;) Just be careful and take your time with the application and the result will be perfect.

The removal was very easy using acetone free nail polish remover. This is nothing like glitter polish and even if it looks like a pain in the butt to remove it really isn’t. Naturally there was glitter and shimmer all over my hands right after the removing the nail polish but washing my hands with soap got rid of almost all of it.


***Metal Crush was sent for review.