I found these Golden Rose polishes from a discount basket at a local store for 50 cents a bottle and decided to buy the blue shade number 103. I figured that for 50 cents it wouldn’t be such a great financial loss if it ended up being something awful. Also my 9 yr old niece gladly takes all the nail polish bottles I give her so I wouldn’t have to throw it in the trash either.

This polish ended up surprising me positively though. It applied well and was opaque with just one coat (I still used two coats). Dry time was very quick and I really like the color too. Without a top coat this dried to a nice velvet-y semi matte finish. I don’t have too many blue polishes so this one got to move into my polish drawer and make friends with other cheap polish bottles ;)


Nice velvet-y semi-matte finish without a top coat
Top coat just ads a bit of shine to it
This polish is packed with beautiful light blue shimmer