Hello again :) Today ended up being another two posts day. I have so many cool polishes to review and show you that I think there will be a few two posts days ahead.

This time I have a fun and bright glitter topper from Glam Polish. This neon explosion is Mei Mei’s Signatures exclusive and you can’t buy it anywhere else. Star Candy has different shapes and sizes of glitter in several neon colors. It’s bright and fun and can be layered over a lot of different base colors. I chose two different ones to try it with.

First I layered it over Delush Polish It Takes Two To Mango. This is two coats of Star Candy and G & G HK Girl top coat.



Second I tried it over a black creme cos I really wanted the colors to pop out. This is a coat of Color Club Where’s The Soiree?, two coats of Star Candy and G & G HK Girl top coat.


Application was very good and glitters came out of the bottle easily. Formula is a little thin and runny but as long as you make sure not to have too much polish on the brush it applies just perfectly.

This can be bought from Mei Mei’s Signatures along with a lot of other goodies. Service is always great and friendly. Shipping has always been fast but this time it was super fast, five days from Singapore to Finland. Excellent if you ask me!



***All products used on these manicures were purchased by me.