I recently visited the Essence stand in a local store and bought five polishes. Here’s a first of those five, 23 Wonderfuel from their the gel nail polish line. This polish isn’t an actual gel polish that requires UV-light to dry. It dries like a normal polish but it’s said to be long lasting. Since I have the UV-gel layover on my nails I can’t really say much about how long this lasts cos the gel layover pretty much makes every polish long lasting.

Formula was a bit on the sheer side and it required three coats to be opaque. Dry time wasn’t the fastest either. I really did like the color though. It’s a beautiful purple that has a lot of light blue/turquoise shimmer on it. On the bottle it looks like it could also be a duochrome but I didn’t really see that effect on my nails.

Wonderfuel is another perfect shade for fall and I’ll definitely wear this again.

For this manicure I used three thin coats of Wonderfuel and HK Girl top coat (no base coat cos of the gel layover).



***Wonderfuel was purchased by me.