It’s a dark and rainy Sunday here in Finland so this is a perfect polish to show you today ;) Dollish Polish Things Are Looking Very GRIMM is inspired by the TV show Grimm. If you haven’t watched that show maybe you should cos … ummm … well cos Detective Nick Burkhardt is pretty easy on your eyes (and it’s a good show) :P

Things Are Looking Very GRIMM “blackened forest green jelly is loaded with varying shaped glitter, all in shades of green giving it a very mythical and forest like feel. It’s a perfect fit for the chaotic life of Detective Nick Burkhardt and his endless hunt for Wesen!”

Formula is good and easy to apply. Since this is a jelly it takes at least 3 coats for good result but you can always layer this over black or dark green polish too. I love the depth that comes with multiple coats so I hardly ever layer polishes like this over another color. This one is definitely worth the three coats. Just wow!! Amazing glow and depth! Totally as drool worthy as Detective Burkhardt is ;)

On this manicure I used three thin coats of Things Are Looking Very GRIMM with HK Girl top coat. Remember to turn the bottle upside down for a bit before application. That will help getting the bigger glitter pieces out easier.



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