Today I have the whole Delush Polish Slice of Life collection to show you. This collection is inspired by TV-show Dexter. All of the polishes on this collection are jellies and I have no problem with that since I LOVE jelly polishes! These are very juicy and squishy. These create an awesome sandwich effect with the glitter and they practically glow!

All of these had a very good formula and application, I had no issues with them. They take 2-3 coats for a good result and for all but one of them just a coat of HK Girl was enough to smooth out the glitters.


Born In Blood (3 coats + HK Girl)


 Master of Disguise (2 coats + HK Girl)
 Dark Passenger (3 coats + HK Girl)
 Angel of Death  (3 coats + HK Girl)
 Time To Kill  (3 coats + HK Girl)
 Tonight’s The Night  (2 coats + 2 coat of HK Girl)
A Very Neat Monster  (3 coats + HK Girl) 

***All of the products mentioned on this post were received for free. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.