Today I have another Mei Mei’s Signature exclusive polish for you, Daring Digits Speicher. All of these Mei Mei’s exclusive polishes are so pretty and feminine that I can’t help but keep buying them :D On this order I got two polishes. Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen a sneak peek of the pink beauty that is the other polish I bought. I’ll get back at that on another day and on another post.

On Mei Mei’s Signatures shop page  Speicher is described as “A delicate clear base polish with lots of thin gold and silver flakes in irregular size with blue iridescent flakes and blue/purple duochrome micro-shimmers”. This applies really nice and thin. I decided to layer this over white since I thought that combination would be great for spring time and it really is. This also works great over dark shades and I’ll be sure to take a swatch photo over black or dark purple later on.

On the photos I have two coats of Essence Top Of The Ice-stream (white shimmer), two thin coats of Speicher and HK Girl Fast Drying + Super Shiny top coat.

You can buy this and a lot of other gorgeous polishes from Mei Mei’s Signatures. I have nothing but good experiences with this store. Great customer service and fast shipping :)