Dance Legend is still a pretty new brand to me. I previously only had two of their polishes and I recently ordered two more. Here’s the first one of those two, a stunning purple matte, Velvet 649. I love the color and the matte finish of this polish. It’s absolutely gorgeous and goes great with my skin tone.

The application was a bummer though. Balding, dragging, uneven mess. I guess if you take enough polish on your brush you can make this a one coater but it’s easier said than done. I needed two coats on every nail. Even if the second coat evened it out quite nicely you still need to be pretty fast with your application or this will dry thick and lumpy. So my advice is, take enough, not too much polish on your brush and apply the first coat with a few fast and steady strokes. Let dry completely and apply the second coat the same way. What ever you do, don’t go back and try to even it out or you’ll make the polish bald even more and pile up. Just let it dry and the second coat will fix it.

All that being said, this dries super fast and looks surprisingly even when completely dry. So if you’re careful with your application this is totally worth getting. Such an amazing color! I love it!! Totally worth the difficult application.

This is two coats over a a coat of Essie Nourish Me.



***This polish was purchased by me.