Here’s a nice summer-y manicure. Color Club Lava Lamp is bright neon orange creme. It’s really cool on it’s own but this time I wanted some depth to the shade so I added Dior Indian Saffron on top of it. Indian Saffron is sheer, peachy color which has a lot of micro-glitter in it.

In the first photo I have one coat of OPI NNS and two coats of Lava Lamp.

On the Second pic I have added two coats of Dior Indian Saffron and a coat of Seche Vite on top.

In the last pic you see what happened to my poor nail yesterday morning. Killer balcony window attacked my left index finger nail and almost tore the whole thing off. I can tell you that really HURT and it actually still does! The torn part is still attached and it’s hanging by a tiny bit of nail. I don’t have the balls to remove it cos it hurts way too much. Now I keep hitting it everywhere and screaming every 5 mins. I filed the nail as short as I could after taking that pic and now I try to survive with a little help from a band aid for the next couple of weeks.

Now I’m also gonna have to live with one nail shorter than the others for a while cos I don’t want to cut all of my nails super short. At least I’m on a maternity leave and no one pays attention to my nails here at home :P


Photo taken in sunlight. This is so bright my camera couldn’t handle it too well.
Photo taken under artificial light to show the glitter a little better 
Oh the horror!!!