Better late than never I guess. I finally have the pics of the Color Club Pardon My French Collection. I got these early this year but since the baby came I’ve had absolutely no time at all to swatch these until now.

This is a great collection with seven shades, four cremes and three glitter polishes.

On these photos I only have the polish on, no base or topcoat. On this post I’ll show you the creme ones and tomorrow I’ll post about the glitters.


Pardon My French (4 coats)


I believe In Amour (3 coats) 
Oh Naturale (3 coats)


Take Me To Your Chateau (2 coats)



These were once again good Color Club quality. The only one I had a slight problem in application was Pardon My French and that would work better too with a little more time and patience when working with it.

Oh Naturale and I Believe In Amour are sheer ones and work great starting from the first coat. I actually prefer them better with just one coat and I’ll have to photograph them that way too.

Take Me To Your Chateau is well pigmented and is opaque with just one coat.