I couldn’t decide which one of my new polishes to test first so I chose one that I bought a couple of months back, Color Club Fast Woman. Fast Woman was too dark for my summer mood so I wanted to save it for more appropriate time of year. This is a perfect shade for fall. Deep red polish that doesn’t look like black in any light. Sunlight brings out the brilliant red shade this polish has. Vampy perfection in a bottle!

Fast Woman is well pigmented, quite thin in the bottle and it applies very well. Two coats was enough for an opaque result. Poshe also dried this one really fast. Good Color Club quality.

In this mani I used: OPI NNS x2, Fast Woman x2 and Poshe Super Fast Drying TopCoat. I took the photo in direct sunlight and the redness of it comes out real well. When there’s less light the shade is deeper and darker.

Like most likely most of you, I have also seen the swatches of the new Color Club Wild At Heart Fall 2009 Collection. I just can’t wait to get my hands on it. Two new holos too!! :D

Thank you Color Club for yet another great collection!!