My beloved readers, here’s the first taste from the super-delicious Color Club Electro Candy collection. Volt Of Light is a neon yellow polish with green shimmer and flash. First thing that comes to mind when I look at this shade is a highlighter pen :D This is insanely fun shade and great thing is that it’s not tacky at all.

Volt Of Light is very thin in the bottle and applies very well. It’s quite sheer but it’s nice and smooth starting from the first coat. So you can only apply one coat for a hint of color or keep layering it to get a more neon result. Three coats is enough for “in your face” effect but you might need four coats for an fully opaque result. Seche Vite dried three coats pretty fast.

In this mani I used Volt Of Light x3 and Seche Vite on top. IRL this shade is even a bit brighter than it is in this pic.

And no, my nails didn’t experience an overnight miracle. I got tired of constant peeling and breaking and got acrylic nails. That’s also why there’s no base coat on my nails in this mani. We’ll see how long I’ll feel like keeping the acrylic nails on and decide to grow them out. But for now I feel more comfortable with these longer nails than the short ones.