Here’s the next treat from the new Color Club collection. This one has been named after the collection and it’s the shockingly pink Electro Candy. This is a neon pink, very bright shade with pale blue shimmer. This is about as pink as a nail polish can get!

Electro Candy is little thicker and more opaque than Volt Of Light. This also applied smooth as butter and for shorter nails two coats will be enough. If you have longer nails you might want to add a third coat.

In this mani I used: Electro Candy x3 and Seche Vite fast drying topcoat.

My skin tone looks really weird in the pic. I had to adjust the camera settings and then PhotoShop it a bit to get the bright pink shade to show on the photo. The pic still doesn’t do the shade any justice and IRL it’s much more candy pink. I do need to re-photograph this again when the sun comes out long enough.

*EDIT I added another picture. On the second pic the polish looks a little closer to what it looks like IRL.