Here we go with the red again. I just love red nail polish and this one is going to help me find my lost Holidays mood. This polish is Revolution and it’s also from China Glaze Operation: Colour collection.

Lovely, bright red creme polish is perfect for one of my Christmas manicures. Looking at the bottle I expected this one to be even brighter red, but like Code Orange this seems to be a little muted too. Perfect for the season and actually quite sophisticated looking red. I added two rhinestones on the ring fingers to add a little more festive feeling to this mani.

Revolution was quite thin and applied like butter. Was also almost opaque with two coats, some might want to add a third one though. This one also dried pretty quickly using Seche Vite. Rhinestones are from Kiss Rhinestone Accents package that holds 70 stones.

Update to my nail tear drama. The nail is still in one piece and I haven’t added the gel on top of it yet. I went to get some nail glue and applied that to the tear. It’s been holding on for about 24 hours now and I hope to be able to go on this way for a while to grow out the tear. The LCN Nail Repair Film i tried first was completely useless in this case.