This is China Glaze Code Orange from their Operation: Colour collection.

Not a very Holiday Season color (unless it’s Halloween or Thanksgiving), but I needed something to sheer myself up a little bit. I’m having a slight nail breakage tragedy going on here. My right hand’s index finger nail has started to tear and is about to break off completely. I went to buy some Nail Repair Film (LCN), but I don’t know if it’s gonna help any at this point. If the situation gets worse I’m probably gonna pay my friend a visit at her Nail salon and have her put a gel on it to keep it from breaking more.

And let’s get to the point… Code Orange is a lovely muted orange with pink shimmer. I love love love this color! I find it very unique and I think it’s one of those colors you either love or hate from the bottom of your heart.

Application wasn’t the smoothest possible but not the worst either. Dried quickly with Seche Vite and two coats was enough for opaque result. In the photo: Nail Tek II x2, Code Orange x2 ja Seche Vite.

To get back to the horror that is my nail breaking, you guys wouldn’t happen to have any great tips on how to fix a tear on your nail?