And here’s another polish from the China Glaze Bahama Blues collection, Bermuda Breakaway. This is a gorgeous blue creme polish with a hint of purple. Absolutely stunning shade. I didn’t expect it to be this nice on my nails based on what it looks like in the bottle, but it sure is. It is so nice to be positively surprised sometimes :)

Bermuda Breakaway was quite thin in the bottle and applied oh so smoothly. Opaque in two coats. I only tested this polish to swatch it so I have nothing to say on drying time or how long it goes without chipping. I’ll do a full mani with this soon and I’ll edit the post later to let you know how it works out. So on this photo there’s only two coats of polish with no base or topcoat. It was photographed wet.

Once again my picture don’t do justice to the polish and I think IRL you can see the hint of purple much better than on my photo. My camera refuses to photograph shades like this correctly. I really need a new cam :(