Today I have a very limited edition/single batch polish for you, Chaos and Crocodiles LH06. This is a gorgeous lavender linear holo. I got this cos it matches my lavender hair :D Quality is excellent and two easy coats was enough for an opaque result. Totally gorgeous!!

I bought my bottle from Mei Mei’s Signatures but it’s sold out there. It later arrived to Norway Nails and as I hit the publish button it’s still available there. Use the code POLISHAHOLIC for -10% off. As I mentioned this is a single batch polish and if you want it I suggest you don’t think about it too long, once it’s gone it’s gone forever!

This is two coats of Chaos and Crocodiles LH06 with HK Girl top coat.




***LH06 was purchased by me. HK Girl was gifted to me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post or use of the discount code.