Happy hump day! I’ve been wanting to wear this polish for quite a while now but I decided to save it for W week :) This is one of Ketlyn’s awesome creations, BG Cosmetics Walking Dead. This is the first BG polish I got interested in and it’s cos of this polish that I got to know Ketlyn :) I know there’s also a few fellow Walking Dead TV-show fans here on our little group so let’s all take a deep breath now and think about Daryl Dixon. Ok, got that out of our systems and now we can continue with the polish ;)

This is three thin coats of Walking Dead, a coat of Glitter Food and G & G HK Girl top coat.


Walking Dead is described as “An opaque mossy green, filled with black glitter and speckled with red hexagonal glitter” on BG Cosmetics website. This applied well and three thin coats was enough for opaque result. I didn’t really need to use Glitter Food with this one but I did so anyways. I think that adds a little depth and smoothness to the finish. I quite like the color combination and this is definitely unique in my collection. And of course, you gotta love the name!

Now I’m off to paint some more walls again.


***All the products used in this manicure were purchased by me.