Hello lovelies! I’ve been spending past couple of months trying to grow my nails to almond shape and getting over a flu plus yet another kidney infection (pyelonephritis). I feel like the whole family has taken turns being sick for the past three months. After everyone is healthy again the round starts from the beginning. Now that I have mostly recovered from the kidney infection the kids are snotty and have fever again. Fun times!

Good news is I have finally managed to grow some length to my nails. I’m still growing them to almond shape to avoid breaking corners off and losing all the length every time. Though I guess now the risk is breaking the tip of the nail off and losing all the length. I already had a nightmare that I broke a nail.  I was very relieved to wake up with all my nails still there :D I will probably start going towards the square shape after a while but for now this is a way to go.



I’ve managed to grow out the index and middle finger nubbins to a decent length. I broke the ring finger nail a while ago but it’s also growing back nicely. This photo was taken about a week and a half ago and I have since filed my nails to a little more narrow and sharper shape. I’m quite happy with the way they look now. I feel like I’m finally ready to take some nails photos :)

I’m still using the CND Rescue RXx and Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil together and the results are amazing. No peeling at all! I’ve also found a new hand cream that works wonders from my super dry hands but I’ll write a post about that later on.

Now I’m off to paint my nails and take some nails photos. It’s been a while.