My nails are in quite a bad shape cos of the freezing weather we’ve had here lately. I’ve been using OPI Natural Nail Strengthener and Poshe Nail Strengthening Treatment Basecoat but they don’t seem to be helping the problem at all. There’s also some gel nails damaged part left on the tips the nails. My nails seem to be very dry, peeling badly and breaking easy. I decided that it’s about time for me to try something new (to me) and I picked up Essie Nourish Me Intense Hydration Basecoat from a local store. I’ll report back in the future with photos and let you know if this worked for me or not.

At the moment I use Body Shopin Hemp Hand Protector cream and Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream every night. I also apply Creative Solar Oil under my nails and wear cotton gloves over all of these. I avoid washing my hands after putting on the creams and oils at nights. During the day I use lighter hand creams as needed. I use acetone free nail polish remover and always wear gloves when I go outside. After all this moisturizing, oiling and taking care of my hands and nails my nails are still in a bad condition. Right hand nails are especially bad.


Label on the Finnish package


Left hand nails
Left hand ring finger still has some damaged part left from gel nails removal
Right hand nails are in a horrible condition


I can only hope this Essie hydrating base coat does the trick for my nails. Above you can see the photos taken before I used the Essie base coat for the first time. Those were taken right after nail polish removal, before any moisturizers. I will only use this base coat from now on and keep my nails on this length till they appear to be in a better condition.
Thumbs up that this will work! I’d really like to finally grow some length on these nails.