On my last post I talked about my summer and here’s how my nails are doing at the moment.

They are very short. Much shorter than I’d like them to be and I’d be lying if I told you I haven’t considered going for the UV-gel to help me grow some length again. But the thing is that I removed the gel layover cos of health reasons and the fact that I just didn’t have energy or time to fix the layover every two weeks cos I can’t stand the visible growth line.  So I just have to keep reminding myself of those reasons and keep going.

I’ve also completely neglected my nails during past few months. I painted them less than five times all summer and didn’t use oil or cuticle balms too often. So I ended up having some peeling and a lot of breaking. Now I’ve gotten the peeling under a control with a CND Rescue RXx and Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil combo. However I kept breaking the corners off of the square nails all the time. I love the square shape but right now it seems to be impossible to keep that shape and also grow length. So I ended up filing the corners off and now I’m growing my nails towards almond shape. On my left hand thumb, index and middle finger nails are shorter than ring finger and pinky nails. On my right hand all the nails are short. So my first goal here is to get all of them even length.



I honestly don’t know if this will work out. I have to grow a significant amount of length on these to get the shape right. My nails might not be strong enough to handle the length being shaped like this but only time will tell that. Now I’m just going to give this a try and see what happens. I can always go back to square shape if this ends up being one big fail but right now I’m actually quite excited to see how this turns out :D

Now I just hope I can grow my nails to even length and shape soon so I can get back to posting about nails. I miss taking swatch photos and writing nail polish posts.

I also mentioned the nail oil combo I’ve been using and I’ll write a more detailed post of my current nail care routines soon.