Since Essie Nourish Me/Feed Me is no longer available here in Finland I need a new base under my Stuck On Blu! base coat. Yes, I use two base coats 99% of the time. The first base coat that goes straight on my nails needs to be a treatment type of base coat that is not a nail hardener. I need it to be more nourishing or my nails start to dry and peel. Since Nourish Me is no more, Essie Finland recommended that I try their Ridge Filling base coat instead.



I have now used this for every one of my manicures for about a month and so far so good. My nails aren’t drying or peeling. There’s no tears or any other problems. This applies very nicely and dries fast to a satin type of finish. I always use the first base coat under the free edge of my nails too to seal the moisture in. I love how this makes under my nails look natural milky white and very smooth.

My manicures last 4 to 5 days without chipping with this base coat so no complaints there either.

I don’t have too many imperfections on my nails so there’s really no need to cover anything. Therefore I can’t really speak for the actual ridge filling qualities of this base coat. I just need a base coat that doesn’t damage my nails and make them peel and this base coat works perfectly in the job I got it to do. Great job once again Essie!


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