It’s time for another Essie Nourish Me week report and it’s still looking good. My nails seem to be getting better,  the tips look less dry and there has been no chipping. I’ve been using this almost daily, at least every other day. So I don’t have experience on how well this works if you only use it e.g. every four days. I only use this as a base coat and always apply two coats before the nail polish.

At this time I’ve been able to buff away 99% of the peeled parts and my nails look nicer again. Of course the tips are still weak and thin but every week I can file off more of the damaged part while new and hopefully healthier nail keeps growing. I’d like to remind that the badly peeled parts of my nails you can see on the “Before” photo haven’t been magically glued back on to my nail plate. I have buffed those away and my tips are now much thinner than usual. It seems that Nourish Me is working and it has stopped the peeling.

Next week we’ll see if there’s any more peeling or is this hydrating base coat really working good enough to keep the peeling away. I’m hoping for the best!