Last time I said I’d let my nails grow length for 2 weeks and see what happens then. Well, I know now and I give up for now. Already after a week and a half my right hand nails started to fall apart completely and I was right back at where I started from. I think I might be lacking something in my diet or the two pregnancies that were quite close to each other really took their toll on my nails. Either way, I don’t think a product that can make my nails better exists right now.

I still strongly believe that Nourish Me is an excellent product that can help many of you out there that are suffering from peeling and dry nails. This even worked on my hopeless nails as long as I didn’t try to grow any length on them. Truth is though that length of my nails is a big deal for me and right now I want more than I can naturally get so I decided to use uv-gel to make my nails stronger. It’s easy for me cos I already have everything I need to do that and I can do it myself. I already applied the gel coating on my right hand nails but now I’m getting greedy and I want to use tips to get the length on my left hand nails immediately. Later I would let the tips grow out and only coat my natural nail with gel.

So this is how my base coat test ends this time. I don’t have the patience to try anymore. I do not blame Nourish Me for this disaster. I think the blame lies elsewhere at the moment and I will continue using it again after I get tired of having gel on my nails. I hope my little test and reports gave useful information and maybe someone else can find the help they are looking for from Nourish Me :)


Left hand nails still looked ok after  a week and a half. Now they are starting to peel too.
Do I need to say anything here? :(
Thin coat of UV-gel to protect my right hand nails.